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Our eBook includes 100+ pages on Whiskey investment

The Past

The story of Irish whiskey is one of resilience and integrity. From popularity to decline to rebirth, the Irish whiskey industry is a testament to craftsmanship and quality above all. Read the full story and learn about the market in our prospectus.

Market Growth

The market is growing in double digits annually for the last two decades. And its firmly set to double again by 2030! The demand far outstrips supply and it makes for a very interesting investment opportunity whether it be short term or long term.

Cask Investment

The opportunity to buy and hold cask whiskey at carefully negotiated wholesale rates. Over three to five years, or longer, whiskey matures — to then bottle privately, keep as a whiskey collectable or sell on.

What will you learn?

What content is inside our Whiskey investment eBook?

Solid returns

According to the Knight Frank Wealth Report, rare Whiskey was the best performing collectable in a decade

Asset backed

Own a fully insured asset, in a proven and stable market

Ultra wholesale

Industry partnerships to secure heavily discounted casks

Growth industry

Irish whiskey has reached 12 million cases in the last decade

Stability & innovation

Industry leading offering, providing individuals access to cask ownership

Complete package

From spirit, to casks, to insurance, to storage, to tax compliance, to strategies

Multiple exit strategies

A wide range of exit strategies tailored to individual requirements

Secure asset

Fully insured and secured in regularly monitored bonded warehouses

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Why you should invest in Irish cask whiskey

Discover why investing in Irish cask whiskey is a compelling opportunity. We've empowered a growing number of private individuals to enter the exclusive world of wholesale premium cask whiskey ownership. Don't just take our word for download the free eBook